At last night’s GMB meeting, the branch unanimously voted to endorse the upcoming National Prison Strike happening August 21 to September 9. We pledge our solidarity and support for the upcoming strike as our comrades inside risk their lives to improve their conditions and end prison slavery. You can find more information about the National Prison Strike here:

prison strike

The full length of the branch endorsement below:

Whereas, trusted comrades, collectives, and networks behind the prison walls have convened, called for a “National Prison Strike” from August 21 to Sept 9, 2018, issued a set of demands and guidelines and requested outside support,

Whereas, we, the Seattle IWW have heard their call for support and find the strike and its goals completely aligned with our material work and with all points of our local bylaws and the IWW constitution.

Be it resolved, the Seattle IWW endorses the strike, pledges our support, and embraces the work of solidarity.

As the strike develops, the scope of work will also develop and will need further guidelines and ratification, so we offer this motion as a framework and a beginning. Further motions to amend are entertained as the work demands and teaches. The areas of work appropriate to our network, as we see them now, are as listed below:

1. Immediately add our name to the list of endorsing organizations and solicit other organizations to endorse and support.

2. Spread the word of the strike and demands from inside as best and responsibly as we can so that our inside members and contacts can make informed decisions as to their positions and possible actions.

3. To support IWOC in building networks of outside supporters committed to phone blasts, demonstrations, and pressure campaigns, including but not limited to pressuring the University of Washington, one of the largest local beneficiaries of prison labor in the state of Washington, as well as supporting efforts to combat repression and retaliation against prisoners. Repression is already underway and prisoner groups are already making requests for support.

Let the work begin.
For solidarity over the walls and wire,
For a world without prisons,
For liberation!

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