The Seattle General Membership Branch of the Industrial Workers of the World was chartered in 1995 and is the descendant of over a hundred years of IWW organizing in the Puget Sound area. Since then the IWW has led a number of organizing drives for workers in retail, office work, grocery, maritime, and food service. As a General Membership Branch we are open to workers in any industry.

Our strategy is called industrial unionism. We believe in organizing all workers in a shop wall-to-wall, and all shops in the entire industry. This is because the working class has a powerful tool — its labor. By organizing all workers in an industry we control working conditions in the industry, setting the stage for a more just society in which the working class controls their lives.

Our organizing model is called solidarity unionism. This is a model based on building up leaders from the rank and file. We train members to be the union, to engage in new organizing where they work, and to take collective action to win demands. We are democratic union that relies on a strong rank and file to lead the organization.

If you are interested in improving your life by forming a union at your workplace, please contact us and an experienced organizer will work with you to “move the work along.”


The Seattle IWW conducts a business meeting ever month. Only members in good standing have a voice and vote at meetings. If you are interested in attending a meeting as an observer please contact us.

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