Amazon Workers Resist

by Murray Cooper Amazon has grown dramatically during the pandemic. It has added 425,000 new employees, plus an additional 500,000 drivers on contract. It has raked in over 21 billion dollars in profit. It has extended its online retail empire with well over 100 new distribution centers around the world. And it has strengthened its … Continue reading Amazon Workers Resist

Who Are the Wobblies?

Editor’s note: I’d been a member of the IWW for a while, but I didn’t really know what that meant until the 2011 Wobbly Campout, held at Belfair State Park. After a weekend of laid-back conversations with fellow workers across the Pacific Northwest, I interviewed Fellow Worker D.J. to get the inside scoop. Ed: What’s … Continue reading Who Are the Wobblies?

Remembering Karen Weill

Fellow worker, fearless activist, and intrepid legal assistant Karen Weill passed away on March 10th 2020, after a months-long battle with cancer. She died peacefully with her beloved husband Larry Hildes at her side, as he had been every day throughout her long illness. Within the IWW, she helped charter the Whatcom-Skagit branch. In the … Continue reading Remembering Karen Weill

In November, We Remember: Sedition Act of 1918

In Portland, moms are standing up to protect protestors. Meanwhile, US Atty. Gen. William Barr is suggesting that the Sedition Act be used to bring many US cities—including Seattle and Portland—under “control.” He has suggested that these cities be declared “Anarchist Jurisdictions.” In November, we remember that the Sedition Act was one of the main … Continue reading In November, We Remember: Sedition Act of 1918

When Fort Lewis Soldiers Fought for a Union: “The Battle of Cascadia”

The following article was a collaboration between Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan veterans and GI organizers, and members of the Seattle Worker committee.  -ed. For American working class youth during the Vietnam War, the US military was often their first real encounter with employment. The Vietnam War was a brutal, ugly, and dangerous conflict, with millions … Continue reading When Fort Lewis Soldiers Fought for a Union: “The Battle of Cascadia”

Working Under Threat of COVID

Seattle Worker: What was workplace organizing like before COVID? William Clayworth (customer service): Before COVID I was doing customer service, and we were making progress. It was easy to talk to my coworkers during the down time. We had been talking about our grievances, and some of us were meeting in a space the IWW … Continue reading Working Under Threat of COVID