The Industrial Workers of the World want to help you improve the conditions of your workplace. If you have questions, or would like to begin organizing your workplace, please enter your name below along with your phone number, email, and/or social media link (whichever is the best way to contact you). We will have one of our organizers contact you as soon as possible.

We always try to assign organizers that have experience working under conditions similar to your own, so it is helpful (though not required) if you provide us with some information about your workplace. In particular, please fill out as much of the following form as you’re willing so we can get a good idea of how to best help you.

You do not need to include the name of the business you work for, the address, or any other identifying information.

All information provided to us will be kept strictly confidential. The information will only be made visible to select officers and delegates in our local branch on a need-to-know basis.

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