How to Join the IWW Online

Estimated Time Commitment: 15 minutes minimum or up to an hour if you thoroughly fill out the survey.

You Will Need: personal information, credit or debit card for initiation and dues payment (see step 6 for dues brackets based on income)


  • Access to all branch communications (email list, Discord)
  • A voice and vote in the branch’s regular business meetings
  • Access to all IWW trainings such as OT101, OT102, etc.
  • Volunteer Organizing Mentors to guide you through campaigns
  • Documented proof of union affiliation for potential Unfair Labor Practice filings
  • IWW-retained lawyer for legal advice in workplace disputes 
  • Monthly issues of the General Organization Bulletin which documents what branches across the region have been up to
  • Fellow workers who are committed to radical workplace democracy and the concept of a One Big Union for all workers

Filling out an application

  1. Go to and click “create account.”

2. Fill in the requested information and create your account. Note: Be sure to use a personal email and phone number, do not use any communications that are controlled by your boss.

3. Log in with your account and go to “click here to apply” under “Join the IWW!” on the left.

4. Fill out the application.

5. Once the application has been submitted, click “Pay your Union Dues” under “Member Forms” in the left-hand column.

6. Select the appropriate dues rate and be sure to check “Please renew my membership automatically” so you don’t have to manually pay every month. Enter credit/debit card information and click “Review your contribution” at the bottom to finish the transaction.

Important Follow-up

  • If you are joining as part of an existing campaign, email with the subject line “Campaign Signup” and state the name you signed up on redcard with and the name of your campaign
  • If you are not signing up as part of a campaign but would like to be integrated into the branch sooner rather than later, email with the subject line “Independant Signup” and attach the receipt for you initiation and your first month’s dues as well as the name you signed up on redcard with.

If you do not do this followup then you will not be integrated into the Seattle Branch until after Headquarters sends us confirmation which can take more than two weeks depending on how many people have signed up recently

If you’d rather talk to a delegate in-person, feel free to contact us directly:

Seattle IWW
1122 E. Pike Street, #1142
Seattle, WA 98122-3934