This weekend, IWW members visited and joined a Northwest Detention Center Resistance encampment, outside the Tacoma Detention Center, for support and solidarity. The full reportback is here, but here’s a quick excerpt:

Even if we had not received the warmest of welcomes at the encampment where we shared stories of struggle and organizing campaigns and broke bread with a variety of individuals from NWDC Resistance and other organizations, there would be little room for doubt that we were on the frontlines of one of the most critical flashpoints of resistance in this region.

The Tacoma Detention Center is a human rights disaster and a great injustice. It is a for-profit prison, and the company running it has a contract guaranteeing them payment for running a mostly full prison. In April, detainees began a hunger strike to demand legal representation, health care, and an increase to the $1/day wage for running the prison’s basic services.

The IWW GDCS from Greater Seattle and Olympia are calling on everyone to continue to show up for this struggle as frequently and in as many ways as possible.

Here are two upcoming actions:

Upcoming Actions
This Tuesday 4/25 the Tacoma City Council is holding a public hearing on expanding the NWDC. Please show up early, around 4:30 to sign up for public comment and get in touch with NWDC Resistance organizers to receive a statement to read on behalf of one of the detainees in their own words. Facebook event:

Wednesday 5/10 (Latin American Mother’s Day no less) Cynthia, a community member and mother from Hondouras is facing a deportation which will tear her family apart after fighting for years to remain in the U.S. She has requested that people join her as she shows up to be processed. Facebook event:

For other ways to get involved, visit the NWDC Resistance website ( which has detailed press releases, pictures of detainee demand letters, and information about upcoming events.

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