Labor News for September 2019

The law firm Simpson, Thacher, and Bartlett has represented just about every major company in the US at one time or another including Facebook, GM, and Google. Now one of their recently retired partners, Jamie Gamble, has had a brainstorm. Mr. Gamble has come to the conclusion that corporate executives are "legally obligated to act … Continue reading Labor News for September 2019

Let’s Roll: An RPG Guide to Organizing Characters

In a roleplaying game, we get to choose the kind of character we want to be, like a fighter, a mage, or a bard. We decide our character’s defining traits. And we get to work with other players to decide on the makeup of our party--­­characters who are good at lockpicking, healing, stealth, combat. We … Continue reading Let’s Roll: An RPG Guide to Organizing Characters

Notes from the Field

By James Smith The United Auto Workers have been trying for years to crack the notoriously anti-union South by organizing at a Volkswagen plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee. In 2014, after a ridiculously strong and blatantly illegal anti-union campaign which saw the participation of federal and local politicians, the UAW narrowly lost a union election. Afterward, … Continue reading Notes from the Field

The Centralia Tragedy and the Lessons of the Past

By Lindsay Mimir On November 11, 1919, during the first celebration of Armistice Day following the conclusion of the First World War, a violent confrontation between the American Legion and the IWW occurred in the logging town of Centralia, Washington. The various accounts of the event—dubbed either the Centralia Massacre (by the Legion) or the … Continue reading The Centralia Tragedy and the Lessons of the Past

Letter from the Editors of the Seattle Worker (November 2018)

The editorial team behind the Seattle Worker wishes you happy holidays! We would like to take this end-of-the-year edition of the SW to say a few things about 2018 and our plans for the next year. First, thank you to all of our readers and subscribers. Your donations and kind words keep this publication running. … Continue reading Letter from the Editors of the Seattle Worker (November 2018)

Confronting the Carbon Capitalists

By x388133 Last summer brought another record wildfire season to the Pacific Northwest. Smoky air from fires in the region caused hellish air quality around the entire Northern Hemisphere. The causes of the forest fires and the destruction of our forest ecosystem generally are incontrovertible. Over one hundred years of fossil-fueled capitalist development and hundreds … Continue reading Confronting the Carbon Capitalists