Friends and Fellow Workers!

The IWW is purchasing and installing a monument in Centralia, Washington to commemorate and honor the Wobblies who died or were imprisoned following the Centralia Tragedy of November 11, 1919. On that day, the IWW union hall was attacked for the second time by a mob of American Legion men acting on behalf of the city’s business interests. Armed union members defended their hall. Since 1919 the Tragedy’s history has been falsely told by the aggressors, who purchased their monument in Washington Park long ago. After years of effort, the Centralia City Council has agreed to the IWW monument design. It will be in the park next to the Legion’s. All expenses are on the IWW. Help us purchase the 2×3′ bronze plaque and get it installed. The Whatcom-Skagit General Membership Branch of the IWW in Bellingham, Washington will hold the funds.

If you would rather make a contribution by check, donations can be made to the order of “IWW Monument fund” and mailed to:

Whatcom-Skagit Branch, IWW
PO Box 192
Bellingham, WA 98227

IWW Centralia Committee
The gofundme site is:

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