by HT

My fellow workers, I would like to share some music with you.

Dead Sonics, the band that I front, recently released a EP that was motivated by the struggle of working class folks living in the Seattle–the Rain City–and inspired by the IWW the singing union and The Little Red Songbook. The Viaduct is a 3 song EP that gives voice to the struggles that the members of the band and the greater Seattle working class have faced in recent years: low and stagnant wages, increasing cost of living, high rent, and lack of affordable housing.

All the members of Dead Sonics were born and raised in Seattle, and we are on a mission to continue to live in the city we love. We find it frustrating the jobs that once provided the means to do so now barely cover our basic needs.

Many working class folks find themselves having to move out of the city to afford to buy a home or to pay rent, but need to commute to the city to work. The daily grind leaves our days with little time and energy to do the things that fulfill us in this life. 

The songs talk of the crummy situation we find ourselves in, but the songs also offer a way to change those situations. Being an IWW member I know there is hope by organizing and building solidarity in the places we work and the communities we live in. By doing so, we have the opportunity to change our lives for the better. 

Give it a listen and come out to see us live around town. Find it on the web at and on streaming platforms.

We created this EP for the working class of Seattle and the world.

Solidarity Forever

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