Starting July 28, 2019, the “Washington Equal Pay and Opportunities Act” went into effect. From now on, when interviewing for a job, your potential future boss can’t ask you how much money you make (or even how much you have made in the past) until after they have made you a job and compensation offer. Furthermore, if the company you are interviewing at has 15 or more employees, and they offer you a job, your potential new boss has to tell you the minimum salary for the job if you ask. If you already work at a company that has 15 or more employees, and you get a new position or promotion, your boss has to give you a pay range for your new position if you ask. Finally, your boss can’t stop you or your coworkers from discussing how much money you make.

If your boss, or potential future boss, violates this law, file a complaint with the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries. You can also sue the bastards for up to $5,000 plus interest, costs, and attorney’s fees.

You can find out more, and also get details on how to file a complaint, at the Washington Labor and Industries website:

Of course, if you really don’t want to worry about your workplace rights being violated, join the IWW and get organized!

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