Update: May 18, 6:18pm

Thank you to everyone who participated! Our phone zap completely paralyzed the phone communications at GCI. By noon in Boston, the obviously frustrated executives of GCI had turned off their phones and were sending calls straight to voicemail. But 3pm, calls were so frequent that few people could get through the constant busy signals.

One IU650 member commented that, “it was a super successful action, and I want to thank y’all for helping.”

Now we will see what GCI decides to do about honoring the union contract and paying its workers and, now that they’ve witnessed what union power can do, we hope today’s phone zap sent a clear message.

In support of our fellow workers in IU650 at Grassroots Campaigns, Inc., we are calling on all Wobblies to participate in a phone zap of GCI’s headquarters.

WHEN: Friday, May 18, 5am to 2pm Pacific Time (8am to 5pm Eastern time, the company’s HQ is in Boston)

In March of this year, GCI’s Seattle Director and members of IU650 at GCI signed and ratified a union contract. In the contract, the workers were guaranteed a number of paid holidays, including May 1 (International Workers Day). GCI has since violated the contract, and the workers were not paid for that holiday.

We are asking all Wobblies and allies to call GCI’s headquarters to remind them of their financial and legal obligation to honor the contract signed with their workers. We want to pressure them to uphold this specific part of the contract as well as remind them that there will be pushback if they violate other parts of the contract as well.

Here are the numbers to call and emails to bombard.

By Order of Importance: Admin, Payroll, Legal, Steve King, Accounting, Rich Matta, Recruitment, Central Field

(617) 423-0431 National Admin

(617) 542-0830

(617) 830-7984 Payroll (Peter O’Connor) payroll@grassrootscampaigns.com

(617) 830-7986

(979) 448-8882

Legal Department (Laurie Owen) lowen@grassrootscampaigns.com

(860) 575-0941 Steve King (Assistant National Director) sking@grassrootscampaigns.com

(617) 338-7882 Central Field Office

(617) 338-7883

(269) 599-4398 Accounting Department (David Hackman)

(617) 388-7800 Recruitment

(617) 338-7884 Rich Matta (Controller)

(315) 224-1442 Cashiering (Sara Henegan)

Bridget Klene (National Field Director) bklene@grassrootscampaigns.com

Wilson Karaman (Strategy and Development)  wkaraman@grassrootscampaigns.com

Sample Script:

Hello. My name is __________. (first name is fine)

I am calling about the unionized workers at the Seattle branch of GCI. I understand that they signed a contract with the Seattle Director and in that contract, they were guaranteed some paid holidays. It has come to my attention that the workers were not paid for May 1st or “May Day,” which was specified in their contract. I demand that they be paid according to the contract that was signed between the union and your company.

I also want to remind you that GCI has a financial and legal obligation to honor the contract that was signed by your company and the workers.

There is no good reason why you should not honor the contract. Your company’s representative engaged in contract negotiations, this contract is the result, and now your company has to live up to it.

Pay the workers now. Thank you for your time.

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