The Industrial Workers of the World are active and growing across North America and around the world (we currently have branches in Europe and Australia). Most of our campaigns must be kept confidential in order to avoid reprisals by bosses. New campaigns are starting all the time, and organized workplaces sometimes, unfortunately, become disorganized. The following list of workplaces have organized with the IWW and gone public. We’ll do our best to keep this list up-to-date.

Where noted, the business listed is a worker cooperative that is associated with the IWW.

Last updated: Spring of 2019

Baltimore Bicycle Works (Co-op), Baltimore, MD
Red Emma’s Bookstore and Cafe (Co-op), Baltimore, MD
Community Conservation Centers, Berkeley, CA
Berkeley Ecology Center, Berkeley, CA
Stonemountain and Daughter Fabrics, Berkeley, CA
Evergreen Printing, Oakland, CA
Mobile Rail Solutions, Chicago, IL
UAW Local 2865 and 5810 clerical staff, Berkeley, CA
Grassroots Campaigns, New Orleans, LA
Stardust Diner, New York, NY
Paper Crane Press (Co-op), Philadelphia, PA
Burgerville, Portland, OR
Little Big Burger, Portland, OR
Janus Youth Shelter, Portland, OR
Primal Screens Screen Printing, Portland, OR
Call to Safety, Portland, OR
New Indicator Collective (Co-op), San Diego, CA
Central Co-op, Seattle, WA
North Country Food Alliance (Co-op), Minneapolis, MN
Phoenix Mental Health, Minneapolis, MN
Takoma Park Silver Spring Co-op, Washington DC
Professional Roofcare, Bellingham, WA

The IWW doesn’t just organize traditionally structured workplaces. In addition to the above workplaces, members of the IWW are also carrying out the following organizing efforts:

Social Justice Education Movement, Minneapolis, MN
South Puget Sound General Education Union (Evergreen Students), Olympia, WA
Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee, prisons, jails, and detention centers everywhere
Freelance Journalist Union, active across North America