Committees are comprised of branch members and carry out the work of the branch. Each committee performs specific functions that help keep the branch organized. This is a list of our standing committees, what they do, and who is eligible to join.

General Organizing Committee

The GOC meets on a monthly basis to coordinate activities and resources for our emerging and ongoing organizing campaigns. The GOC provides advice, training, and strategy for organizers, as well as carrying out organizing work on behalf of the branch and growing the branch’s membership. All IWW members are welcome to join.

Campaigns Committee

The Campaigns Committee serves as the branch’s clearinghouse for unionization campaigns. The members support our ongoing campaigns, foster new campaigns, and provide guidance for the branch’s organizers. The members of the committee are elected and must meet certain criteria for experience in the IWW and labor organizing training.

Labor Relations Committee

The Labor Relations Committee assists with the legal side of labor organizing. Members of the committee coordinate with job branch members to assist with grievances, NLRB procedures, arbitration, mediation, and collective bargaining. Three branch members are elected to this committee each year.

Literature Committee

The Lit Committee oversees writing, printing, and distribution of printed materials related to the IWW, our GMB, and organizing campaigns. All IWW members are welcome to join.

Seattle Worker Subcommittee

The Seattle Worker Subcommittee manages the Seattle GMB’s official publication, the Seattle Worker. This subcommittee consists of five or six GMB members who write, edit, print, and distribute the paper.

Good and Welfare Committee

The Good and Welfare Committee helps new members become familiar with the branch. The committee has assembled the New Members’ Packet to help new members become familiar with the IWW, our GMB, our campaigns, our tactics, and our meetings. The committee is also available for members to express their concerns when they believe the Safer Spaces policy has been violated.

Northwest Regional Coordinating Committee Delegates

The NWRCC Delegates communicate with other GMBs who have joined the Northwest Regional Coordinating Committee. Two branch members maintain contact with other branches to share events, discuss coordination, and build relationships between GMBs.

Singing Committee

The Singing Committee consists of GMB members who regularly meet to learn IWW and labor songs. Members of the committee lead the GMB in songs after meetings, at rallies, and at pickets. The IWW is “The Singing Union”!

Social Events Committee

The Social Events Committee organizes regular get-togethers to build friendships within the union and to help the GMB grow. The committee brings members together for movie nights, picnics, and workshops.

Social Media Committee

The Social Media Committee manages the GMB’s social media presence on Facebook and Twitter. The committee helps distribute written material and photographs, publicize events and actions, communicate with other GMBs, and grow the GMB’s membership. Three GMB members sit on this committee.

Solidarity Committee

The Solidarity Committee works with other labor and activist organizations around Seattle. The committee works to further the GMB’s organizing activities, give support to other labor struggles, and build networks of labor organizers. All IWW members can join this committee.

Strategy Committee

The Strategy Committee develops policies for the GMB to guide our organizing activity and plan for the GMB’s future activities.

Bylaws Committee

The Bylaws Committee periodically reviews the GMB’s bylaws and recommends changes to the branch. The Bylaws Committee also looks at proposals submitted by other committees and members and makes recommendations to the branch.